Baking a RetroPie

This weekend I dived into emulation again.

Emulation and I have always had an on off relationship, quite a lot like one of my old flames however this is a retro tech blog so I will not be going into that if you want relatioship advice, ask your Dad, I mean, you’re here right?

Anyway I have been wanting to dive into the huge plethora games that I have put off playing saying “Damn that looks good, maybe I should play that” and proceeded to sit with my thumb up my arse and do bugger all about it.

While I was diving into a game of the new Prey on my machine I noticed that my room temprature spiked to around a million degrees, thats just not cricket is it?

So this weekend instead of spending my days cooking eggs on my cpu cooler I decided that enough was enough, I removed said thumb from my arse and proceeded to look through my library of games for some that would not turn my PC into a melting pile of slag.

This is what it means to be a PC gamer in the Summer.

I looked on my desk and saw a Raspberry Pi just sat there gathering a thick layer of dust, it looked rather sad.

The previous week I bought it a new case that looked like a NES because I like the style and lack a 3D printer, anyway I got it from here and it looked like this.

The hinge actually flips up to reveal the gubbins inside, delicious.

I bought said Pi as a coding experament thing that never really bore any fruit (puns and stuff) and thus it sat in my room looking sad, like when your dog looks when you pretend to throw the ball then hide it behind your back and it thinks its gone for ever.

Seeing as my PC likes to kick out more heat then an active volcano in the desert, I needed something that did not kick out a lot of heat so I decided the PI was perfect for this seeing as it produces so little heat.

I know this has been done a million times before but for me this was more a solution of desperation then anything else, like the heroine addict needs thier fix as do I need my daily fix off games otherwise I break out in hives and start babbling incomprihensivly.

Anyway I went with RetroPie as the title suggests, it has EmulationStation built in with many good emulators, the basic install was not enough for me I went and installed DOS, PSP and Sega Saturn emulators as well which are all easy to do with the controller and GUI’s that support controller navigation.

Thus I have been reliving my youth this weekend, it has mainly been PS1 games for me this time around, some of the PS1 games ran remarkably well and I was sort of a little tearful at how faithfully the emulators recreated those feelings of frustration when you die for the 25th time playing the Boulders level in Crash Bandicoot.

Anyway it is too hot to think so I will leave you with this meme that sums it all up nicely.






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